A journey to your heart and soul!

Guatemala Cacao Retreat

GUATEMALA, 24-29 NOV. 2024

Come with us on a journey that will
open your heart
& change your life.

In this unique retreat - Your body, mind and soul will find its way back to harmony. So that you are trusting to open up your heart and listen to what it is whispering to you. Experience silence, your inner strength, ease and inner peace. 
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Immerse yourself with the spirit of cacao and reconnect with your true self in a sacred place.

Guatemala is a highly spiritual land with its vortex at Lake Atitlan. The lake is surrounded by many volcanoes - imagine its power! The Mayan people are aware of the sacredness of their home country.

They are very much connected to nature and all the elements. The cook over open fire, slow and steady. They pray and believe in god. Mayan Fire ceremonies with Cacao are a beautiful way they connect with spirit. 

This retreat is for you, if you wish to:

  • Reconnect with your heart and your soul
  • Deepen your relation with one of the most powerful plant medicines on planet Earth: Mama Cacao 
  • Journey along with Mama Cacao to your inner worlds
  • Remember your sensitive, feminine side within you
  • Reconnect with Mother Earth and cosmic forces
  • Visit this unique and magical place at lake Atitlan in Guatemala
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Highlights of this journey: 

  • Daily morning practice w Yoga & Meditation at sunrise, view over the lake
  • Daily Cacao Ceremony and altar creation
  • Daily circles of mantra music and medicine songs
  • Earth ritual @casakula with Coby & Ananda
  • Traditional Mayan fire ceremony at the cave of Kawoq Forest
  • Sunrise hike to the Mayan Nose
  • Two delicious vegetarian meals a day and snacks
  • The most beautiful accommodations at Kawoq forest and an amazing view at lake Atitlan
  • Temazcal
  • Water blessing at the lake Atitlan
  • And soooo much more…

Our breath-taking accommodation

Nestled in the verdant Guatemalan highlands and overlooking the ancient azure waters of Lake Atitlán, the Kawoq Forest is a place of magnificent natural beauty. This will be our sanctuary for this Retreat. 
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A Day in the Retreat

  • 7.30-8.00am Meditation
  • 8.00-9.30am Energizing Yoga Class (some days with Cacao medicine)
  • 10.00-11.00am BRUNCH
  • 2.00-4.30pm Maya Cacao Ceremony
  • 5.00-6.00pm DINNER
  • 7.00-8.30pm Transformational Circle/mantra singing/sound healing

Soul Investment

- Accommodation for 5 nights and 6 days
- Two delicious vegetarian meals a day and snacks
- Retreat Program & Activities
- 500g Cacao Paste of Guatemala

What is not included:

- Flight ticket and transportation
- Airport transfer
- Other treatments e.g. massages

Room Option Number of people Room type Total Retreat price
Dorm 1 (4 pax) Dorm (4 beds) 1800$
Twin Share 3 (6 pax) Bungalow 1 and 2 (2 queen beds in each), Bungalow 3 (1 queen+twin) 2000$
Semi private Twin share (underneath Yoga Shala) 2 (4 pax) Sunrise Suite 1 & 2 (queenbed in each) 2200$
Private 2 (2-4pax) Forest Cabins x 2 (queen+twin) 2400$
To secure your reservation for our upcoming retreat, kindly submit a $1000 deposit. The deposit will be reduced from the total amount of the retreat price (depending on the accommodation you choose).

The Facilitators

Nele and Linda, the facilitators, will lead your transformative journey at the retreat. With expertise in guiding cacao ceremonies, they invite you to connect deeply with your heart and soul amidst the serene landscapes of Guatemala. Join them for an immersive experience of self-discovery and inner peace.

About Nele

Nele found her way to Cacao in Guatemala. Exactly where this retreat is taking place. That is why it's so special to her to hold this retreat here. At the Kawoq Forest she volunteered for 4 months and in that time she learnt all about Cacao & the art of holding Cacao Ceremonies. A deep transformation happened inside of her and Cacao never left her side since then.

She has been holding Cacao Ceremonies since 2018 in all its various forms and is now teaching students all over the world inside World of Cacao to do the same. Nele is a holistic yoga teacher, mantra singer (Pachamantra) and Cacao ceremony facilitator. She loves to create beauty and to remind you of your JOY and love with all that she does.

About Linda

Linda joined her first cacao ceremony some years ago held by the one and only Nele. It was her who brought Linda in closer contact with this soft and feminine plant medicine. Ever since, Linda was deeply touched by the reconnection to Mother Earth and its generous gifts, such as the cacao bean.

She is soooo happy about returning back to Guatemala and its magical Lake Atitlan. The Kawoq Forest is the place where Linda did her YTT and got her clear mission for life: “To spread and inspire love.” Simple as that ;) She loves singing, massaging, and laughing. 

Come with us on a journey that will change your life.