My Story: How the Magic of Cacao Came into my Life

Apr 27 / Nele Zeeh
There is a saying among the ancient tribes that "Cacao chooses the people it wants to work with." And it seems that Cacao chose me.

The spirit of Cacao as plant medicine encountered me during my time in Guatemala. For 4 months I was volunteering as a yoga teacher in the Yoga Forest, a yoga community retreat center. Living, working and just being so connected to nature made me feel so whole.

Each Sunday, we would have a community event called “Cacao & Ecstatic Dance”. At first, I didn't have any clue why we would drink Cacao before dancing. Even the first few times I didn’t really understand what it was all about. Cacao was everywhere in this little town called San Marcos at Lake Atitlan and after a few weeks, I began to notice something shifting inside me. I sensed an opening up inside of me.

Discovering the Magic: How my Volunteer's Journey brought me to Cacao.

It was especially noticeable in my dancing. Where I used to be shy to express myself, I could allow myself to flow with the music, didn’t worry about what others think  and really came “out of my head and into my body”. I let my body be moved by the music. My soul loves to dance, to sing, to play and feel free. Cacao reminded me of those parts of me - of my inner light and brought it back to life.

The medicine was very present and I could feel it transforming me. As a volunteer, we had to prepare the Cacao for the dance every week, set up the space, and perform the Ceremony at the beginning. At the end of my time in Guatemala, one of the volunteers encouraged me to take some Cacao with me back home to share in  ceremony. I wasn't sure if I was ready for that, but a shaman lady who gave me a tarot reading predicted that I would take lots of Cacao with me and spread what I had learned, sharing the magic of Cacao back home.

From Guatemala to Germany: How Cacao Inspired Sharing and Connection

So, I bought a few Cacao blocks and brought them with me to Germany. Even though I had all this Cacao I didn’t know where to start. But the Cacao was calling to be used and one day I looked up a space to hold a ceremony. I found a place, and the lady there told me that she was literally manifesting someone to hold ceremonies. Coincidence?! :) That’s how it all started.

Over the past few years I held regular New & Full Moon Cacao Ceremonies, Cacao Women Circles & Cacao + Kirtan and got super creative with it, learned a lot and put all my love into it.

Answering the Call: From Participant to Teacher

One day during a Cacao Ceremony I had a strong impulse that it was time to pass on the sacred art of Cacao Ceremonies to the world. It was like Cacaocita was whispering to me, and I knew I had to follow her calling. After quite a while almost all my friends now work with Cacao too.

I never thought that this would happen, but Cacao has changed my life and continues to do so. Today I’m so grateful to spread the wisdom of holding a sacred Cacao Ceremony. I teach our students everything they need to know about the mystical and transformative power of Cacao, and how to share this ancient medicine with their own communities.

The Call of Cacao: A Journey of Inner Growth and an Open Heart

The journey to becoming a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator involves deep growth and transformation. It's about opening your heart, connecting with the spirit of Cacao, and cultivating intuition. We teach students not only the ceremony but also the significance of community and sacred spaces. Our students become part of a global, conscious community, sharing the light of Cacao all over the world.

I never could have imagined that my journey with Cacao would lead me to where I am today. But I truly believe that Cacao chooses the people it wants to work with, and I am honored to be one of those people - sharing the medicine in a very respectful way.

If you are here - this is no coincidence - Cacao probably wants to work with you as well. I invite you to join our community of conscious Cacao Ceremony Practitioners  and discover the magic of Cacao in your own life.