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Course Overview

We’re excited to share the comprehensive content of our Cacao Ceremony Facilitator courses with you. On this page, you’ll find detailed information about each module, including what you’ll learn and how it will benefit your journey. We invite you to explore all the enriching experiences we offer.

Cacao Ceremony Training (Basic)

Our 4-week Basic Training provides everything you need to know to facilitate Cacao Ceremonies. This course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the essentials without certification. You’ll learn the history, preparation techniques, and the practical steps to create a meaningful Cacao Ceremony experience. Perfect for those passionate about introducing the magic of Cacao to others.

Cacao Training (Advanced) + Certificate

Our 6-week Advanced Training includes the 4-week Basic course, plus specialized breathing, mindfulness, and heart-opening techniques. Learn to lead online Cacao Ceremonies, launch your practice, dissolve limiting beliefs, attract participants, and maximize earnings. Complete the course and receive your personal certification as a trained Cacao Ceremony Facilitator.

Cacao Business Program + Certificate

Our 10-week Cacao Business Program includes both the 4-week Basic Training and 6-week Advanced Training. Additionally, it offers comprehensive professional marketing guidance, exclusive templates, and strategies to launch and grow your Cacao Ceremony practice. Learn how to attract clients, set pricing, and maximize ethical earnings while receiving your certification as a trained Cacao Ceremony Facilitator.

Let yourself be initiated into the art of ceremony.

Let yourself be initiated into the art of ceremony.

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