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In this ebook, we embark on a transformative journey exploring the history, spiritual essence, and healing power of Cacao. Our mission is to empower you to connect with the spirit of Cacao to use it as a tool for personal growth and healing.
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Download your copy of our eBook start your transformative journey with our free guide to working with Cacao.

The History and Origins of Cacao

Dive into cacao's rich history, from ancient significance to today's adaptations. Learn the importance of fair sourcing, respect for traditions, and unity in our connection with this magical plant

Cacao's Transformative Power

Uncover Cacao's unique spiritual and physical properties that promote healing, creativity, mindfulness, and well-being. Experience the transformative power of cacao and use it to fuel your journey of self-discovery and growth.

The Art of Facilitating a Ceremony

Explore the art of leading Cacao Ceremonies! This guide summarizes how to create a transformative journey for participants. Discover how to guide participants with empathy and intuition.
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Anthony, Student of World of cacao
"I felt this course was amazing and a great value for the wealth of information. The speaker made me feel connected and in each others presence. Well done! Bravo!!! Thank you!"
RITA, Student of world of cacao
"I absolutely love this journey, I've understood so many things and I create a new relationship with mama cacao each week, each time I sip from my cup. 🥰 I don't run anywhere, I enjoy every moment and ceremony with her, I feel so blessed 🙏✨"
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We're lots of things here at World of Cacao.
We're a community of practitioners. Not only have we learned our practices from indigenous people, but we helped many participants and students to experience the magic of Cacao. We offer online resources, courses, techniques, and guidelines to help you incorporate the art of Cacao Ceremonies and positive psychology into your daily practice.